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Jewellery is fun ...

... for you to wear and for me to design!

I love diversity in materials. My favourite material is typical of jewellery – metal. Not so typical, though, is the way it looks in my pieces of jewellery.

My metals are often altered nearly beyond recognition. They are knit into almost textile-like fine weaves or paper-thin, translucent structures. They are soft and delicate, like transparent gossamer film, or striking, broad metal areas. Cool silver, matt-finished oxidised silver, warm gold and shimmering rose gold accentuate the flattering surfaces.

Glittering Swarovski crystals, sparkling syntheses of gemstones, matt-finished acrylic surfaces, colourful PVC, natural rubber and jaunty stainless steel wires stand in artful contrast to the metal.

My jewellery is of a generous, clear and purist nature.

My jewellery is playful, lavish and glamorous.

My jewellery is soulfulness.

It underscores your personality in everyday life as well as on special occasions – jewellery for self-confident women who know what goes well with their style and wear whatever they please.