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The PETRA MEIREN JEWELLERY line includes the whole array, from plain "everyday jewellery" to remarkable "special occasion jewellery "

the style

Graphically clear, purist, jaunty, decorative, surprising, noble, glamorous, sophisticated, generous, remarkable, versatile


long and short necklaces, scarfstyle necklaces, chokers, earrings, rings, brooches, bracelets, belts, good luck charms


Refined metal elements made of brass or sterling silver and exciting complementary materials, such as colourful PVC and Polyester, stainless steel strings, cautchouc, synthetical gemstones, matted acryl, knitted copper, woven bronze and Swarovski Crystals


All pieces are handmade in our studio-workshop in Germany. Most of the exquisite components used in our jewellery have been made exclusively for this collection. The expend manufacturing assures the most exclusive designs and a high quality piece of jewellery.

purchasing addresses

Sold by upmarket retailers around the world, in museumshops, galleries, boutiques and concept stores, jewellers, goldsmiths and arts and craft stores.

Please contact us for adresses of shops close by.